How to reset Wi-Fi settings?

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Maybe you mistyped your Wi-Fi password or you want to revert changes back. To change your Wi-Fi settings once your AmbiScreen box is not able to connect to your internal Wi-Fi network, follow these steps.

  1. connect your AmbiScreen device with LAN cable to your internal network.
  2. Your router in your internal network will assign new IP to your AmbiScreen device. Check your router’s DHCP table for assigned IP.
  3. Open AmbiScreen webapp and navigate to Settings » Wi-Fi.
    Or navigate your webbrowser with http://your_device_IP/ and choose Lite settings webapp (or http://your_device_IP/app/settings_wifi.php in case you didn’t do firmware update) and navigate to Settings » Wi-Fi.
  4. There you can change your Wifi settings and Save changes.