AmbiScreen Eye First start

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If you have wifi connection issues check that your wifi network is 2.4GHz only, it has short alphanumeric wifi network name without special characters (like e.g.apostrophes).

After first start AmbiScreen Eye opens its own wifi access point. Connect to this “AmbiScreenEye” wi-fi network with password “ambiscreen33”. Navigate to via your web browser and setup your AmbiScreen Eye device via Settings page (count of LEDs and WiFiLED’s IP address via LEDs page, edges of your screen via LiveView page, credentials for your home wi-fi via Wi-Fi page).
When you set your own wifi credentials for your home wifi, device will reboot itself and connects to your home wifi.

How Eye sees area of your screen can be adjusted at LiveView page.

Once your device is set we recommend to use web app at to find all your devices. AmbiScreen Finder is able to locate AmbiScreen Eye and AmbiScreen WiFiLED in your network. You can place Finder to your mobile home screen via “Add to Home screen” button in mobile browser. Via Finder you can open AmbiScreen device in your network. Finder needs to be in the same network as Eye and WiFiLED – it means you need to open Finder on device (e.g. phone, computer, …) which is connected to the same network as Eye and WiFiLED.

Via Finder you can click on AmbiScreen devices and it shows you internal web app of Eye (you can also navigate to it directly via IP in web browser the same way), or internal web app of WiFiLED.
In Eye’s web app click on “Device” and then click “Detect” button to add your device (may take awhile) or use faster method click right top “+” and add your device, fill in new Name for your device and IP Address (IP of all your device you can find also in your router DHCP table).
Adding Eye on Device tab is needed because from the one web app of one Eye device you can even add and control more AmbiScreen devices in your home wifi. Once added, click on this device in checkbox to connect to it.

With AmbiScreen web app you can control your devices and change mood light, effects, change settings, etc. One AmbiScreen Eye can be used as a network hub for all your AmbiScreen devices. Boot time of Eye is approx. 1 minute.

If your device is connected to internet we recommend checking latest firmware version via “Settings -> Update”.